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Known for its beautiful beaches and tropical islands, the Aloha State also boasts plentiful educational opportunities. Hawaii has some of the nation’s best trade and technical schools, and students who graduate in Hawaii can often find excellent careers on one of the many islands. If you are looking for a solid education, a great career, and a beautiful locale, Hawaii may be the state for you.

In many ways, Hawaii is heaven on earth. This beautiful paradise is an ideal place to study and live for anyone who loves the outdoors and a relaxed lifestyle. Hawaii is composed of six major islands and countless minor islands, each of which has its own feel and set of opportunities. For such a small state, education opportunities abound in Hawaii. The state is home to three public universities, seven public colleges, and sixteen private universities and colleges. Whether you would like to study theology or acupuncture, you can find a school in Hawaii that suits your needs.

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