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Graphic / Visual Arts Degree Overview

Listed below are colleges and universities that offer online degrees, certificates, and diplomas in the major of Graphic / Visual Arts and a detailed list of the programs offered. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes, adult education, and distance learning options are available by request.

Graphic / Visual Arts Career Outlook

Opportunities for people with Graphic Design and Multimedia degrees is excellent, although having an education and experience will make you more competitive in this industry. Graphic designers are expected to have the most job opportunities during the next decade above many other types of designers.

Standing Out as a Designer

The job outlook for a graphic design professional is currently following an average growth trend, hanging steady at about 13% through 2018. Those in the know suggest therell be a fair amount of competition. How do you get an edge?

  • A great portfolio
  • Be wise in the of the ways of web
  • Be a tech visual guru

Graphic designers with the right experiences, portfolio, and business savvy may find that freelance work suits them best. Earning potential is good, but the work including finding clients and managing cash-flow is all you.

Graphic / Visual Arts Salary Information

Competition for jobs in design can be high. However, you can still make a living in the industry. Median salary for graphic designers in advertising and PR is $43,500 and for professionals who are skilled in the magic graphic interface of online media, the median salary jumps to $47,860. Graphic designers who want to work in newspapers and traditional publishing environments draw an average of $37,000 a year.

Graphic / Visual Arts Required Job Skills and Knowledge

How Do You Learn Art?

While no one has figured out how to teach creativity, there are principles of design that can, in fact, be learned. Layout, visual organization, color principle, graphic software, website design this is concrete information that books and professors can share. How much education do you need?

Your choices include:

Graphic Design Certificates: Core courses designed to teach a few key concepts. You can get a stand alone certificate, but you can also pair it with an

Associate of Art or Science Degree: A degree to teach you the fundamentals of visual communication, design through technology, the basics of publishing, and principles of conceptual thinking. But if you wanted more, then you could consider a

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design: The bachelors degree includes advanced techniques in visual rendering, image manipulation technology, principles and theories of communication through art and image as well as introduction to business principles. And if thats not enough, then theres the

Master of Fine Art in Graphic Design: The Big Kahuna of graphic design degrees, you get advanced education in software and production design, learn detailed project management, and complete a masters thesis where you have to spray-paint a yak. (Ok, were totally kidding about the yak.)

How much education do you need?

A bachelors degree in graphic design or visual arts is the academic benchmark and most entry-level positions will look for this. But a killer portfolio and experiential training can make an associates degree appealing as well. Learning the most sophisticated graphic design software should be part of your curriculum between web design and the computerization of the printing industry, fluency in computer graphics is no longer optional.

Online Degree Options

A graphic design institution these days can be brick and mortar, but it doesn’t have to be. If a program is too far, or life is just too complicated, there are online options for almost every degree in the field. Self-paced and convenient, online education lets you work education around life, and then make a living from your education. You can go start-to-finish through an online program, or supplement your training with specialty area certifications (3-D design or e-commerce, for instance).

Colleges For Graphic / Visual Arts Degrees

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