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Information Systems Career Outlook

What is your grandmother’s phone without a grandchild there to show her how to use it? A complicated brick of metal. Information systems tie technology and data together with the application of that technology and data. It is a vital bridge to cross for any organization, so if you enter this field, be ready for some important tasks that will keep the organization running efficiently. A central purpose of information systems is to help an organization run more proficiently, by showing where changes need to be made, and how things can be done better. A good information systems specialist will be able to communicate needed changes effectively, and will constantly be looking for ways to improve the organization for which the work. They are needed. Employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow 17 percent by 2018.

Understanding what changes should be made requires more than a deep understanding of technology and data. It requires an understanding of business in general. An Alfred P. Sloan Foundation publication on information systems said,

‘Workers with specialized technical knowledge and strong communications skills will have the best prospects. Workers with management skills and an understanding of business practices and principles will have excellent opportunities, as companies are increasingly looking to technology to drive their revenue.’

Information systems is a broad field of study with roots in mathematics, science, technology, engineering, and statistics. It addresses the strategy, management, and operations of an organization’s gathering and using information. So be ready to use a wide variety of skills, not just technical ones.

Information Systems Salary Information

As in any field, salary is no fixed thing as an information systems specialist. Salary largely depends on your specific responsibilities within the organization, but for the most part, salaries are very high, because it requires specialization and training to be able to smoothly run an information system. You could have a duty working specifically with the technology end of an information system, or with the security end, or as a general director of the information system. These are the average salaries for a quality position in each of these jobs:

Position Median Salary (
Chief Information Technology Officer $225,000
Chief Information Systems Director $121,000
Chief Information Security Office $160,000

Organizations want someone to be able to run and interpret information systems, but they dont want a Gollum running the computers in the basement. Be aware that having more skills than just computer skills will make getting a job easier, and getting a higher paying job more probable.

Information Systems Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Remember that companies will most likely hire someone who doesnt have to learn a system from scratch. Would you feel safe in an airliner piloted by someone who has only flown model airplanes? As you prepare for this field, make sure you get real, hands on experience with computer programs dealing with information systems.

Also, dont think that this type of job will separate you entirely from human interaction. Information systems specialists will need great communication skills to relay and interpret information to those making decisions for the organization. Training and managing other information systems specialists may be a large part of your job, because new technologies need to be explained and understood by more than just one person.

Here are some classes that will provide important preparation:

  • computer science
  • accounting
  • management
  • systems design
  • networking
  • database management
  • computer programming
  • computer engineering
  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • English and
  • communications
  • finance
  • marketing
  • systems security

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